Get Results With Blepharitis Treatment Using Lipiflow

blepharitis treatment using lipiflow

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids and it usually affects the part of the eyelid just above your lashes. The oil glands become clogged and this leads to redness and irritation. The condition is chronic and it can be difficult to treat. It affects your appearance and your eyelids will itch and sometimes your eyes will water and turn red. You might want to consider blepharitis treatment using Lipiflow if your current treatment program isn’t giving you results.

The condition can lead to the loss of your eyelashes and they could start to grow abnormally. You could start to become sensitive to light and you are probably going to start blinking more. Your eyelids might stick together and they could be crusty when you wake up in the morning. The skin might start to flake around your eyes and they are going to look swollen and red. They could also have a greasy look. Some people with the condition experience watery and red eyes and you might have a burning sensation in your eyes.

No one knows what causes blepharitis, but if you do nothing to treat it you could end up with scarring on your eyelids and the edges could start turning inwards. It can also be hard to wear contact lenses. You might also start developing styes which are painful. You could end up with chronic pink eye and you could end up with a corneal infection because your eyes are constantly irritated.

Conventional treatments for blepharitis include antibiotics that are applied to the eyelids and you might need steroid eyedrops to control the inflammation. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure it and the medications can help but they won’t completely cure your condition. One promising new treatment is LipiFlow.

LipiFlow is an electronic device that applies heat and massage to the eyelids to get rid of blockages. The device will normalize oil and tear flow to your eyes and remove any blockages. The device is safe and it is effective. You have the treatment at your doctor’s office and it only takes about 12 minutes to start seeing results. The procedure doesn’t hurt and it works. If you aren’t getting results with other treatments you might want to consider blepharitis treatment using LipiFlow. You won’t need to take medications or apply messy creams to your eyes multiple times a day.…